Loft Beds Let You Sleep With The Eagles

sleeing on cliff
Instead of opening a bottle, or striking a match to get high, try hanging out at high altitudes. It’s the latest fad.

Tired of hubby’s snoring? Send him soaring! For those of you hesitating about camping overnight in the great outdoors, never worry about a bear or cougar getting you again. In fact, pack up a couple of extra water bottles and some balloons, then bomb them from 1,500 feet.

Rock climbers began to stay overnight on cliff faces back in the 1950’s. At first, they had to locate convenient mountain “shelves” or ledges, but now they use hanging sleeping systems, called Portaledges. They are designed specially for rock climbers who have to spend multiple days and nights on a big wall climb. Honestly, we’re not too sure if we could sleep hanging hundreds, or thousands, feet off of the ground!

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