Life Is Real, Life Is Earnest, It Is Not An Empty Dream

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One early morning, when there was a thunderstorm, the air seem to be very cool and crisp. The birds were out enjoying the day, as I frolicked on the wet grass, revealing my enjoyment in disseminating my inner feeling of rejoicing to everything around me in the garden. I was in the hostel answering many phone calls, and felt very proud at that moment, for the affection being showed to me by my loved ones. My colleagues were curious to know what was happening, and why I was receiving so many phone calls. They wanted to know the source of my excitement. They gathered around me, and finally succeeded in finding out that it was my birthday.

I enjoyed my day, and a great show that night in the auditorium of the campus, which made me groove and feel very special. It was on March 23rd, the day that I learned what life is. The very thought of ‘life’ gave me a sense of fear, and yet confidence to face it as it comes. Life can be made happy with entertainment like cinemas, dance, music, drama, etc.. It can also be made miserable by quarreling with others, feeling jealous over the happiness of others, and by inviting trouble unnecessarily into our lives. And, it can be made useful, by hard work and the effort to achieve something with our lives.

Life is not a bed of roses. In real life, as there are thorns on rose plants, there will be sorrows and hard times, but we should face them boldly. Happiness is necessary in life, and sincere hard work must be welcomed. Every second of our lives is precious. If we waste even one of them, it is lost forever. Likewise, we should not turn away any opportunity that knocks upon our door. If we miss those chances, we will never get them back again.

While living, we should make the maximum use of our talents and knowledge, and share them, so that others also benefit from them. The men and women of the past, who valued their opportunities and abilities, worked hard to create the inventions and technologies that make our lives comfortable and happy, giving us the easy lives that we have today. It is now the duty of the the younger generation to use their talents for the progress of the nation, and to make the lives of the future comfortable as well.

While living, one must be serious about living each moment to its fullest. We cannot be sure of how long we will live, yet even if we only live for a short period, and if we are not too young to understand the importance of life, we should try to live our life to it s fullest. Not only for ourselves, but where possible, for others also. Life can be enjoyable by having good character and plenty of wealth, but above all, good health is the most important. Good health, character and companions make our lives heavenly.

Many have the tendency to say that life is not real, that it has no meaning, that it is only a dream. But, whether dream or reality, all lives will end. I have read much about death. Some interpret death to be a natural occurance. For some, it is freedom. For others, it is meeting God, and so on. They say that death is more real than life, because life ends in death, but I strongly disagree. We can all make our life useful and memorable, and are capable of achieving things so that we remain known, even long after death. Life needs to be taken seriously because it is real, and so are its opportunities. Live life to its fullest, it is not meant to remain an empty dream.

Ms. Usha is a contributing author from the Cempaka International Ladies College in Malaysia. She has a MPhil. in English, and is currently writing a novel called, “Refinement”.

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