Is A Rebound Relationship Worth It?

relationship rebound

By Ron Murdock

I found it’s a wise idea to avoid getting into a rebound relationship. The reason I have for this is that most of us could use a break between the old relationship and the new one. Plus it gives you time to deal with any ill feelings that developed during the previous relationship and its breakup. The question to ask is, if it’s fair to the new person to listen to what went wrong in the old relationship.

I guess a rebound relationship can help in getting over a just ended one, but it could be a band aid solution for not dealing with any issues that needed to be dealt with. A lot of jumping into a new relationship could be a cover up for the fear of loneliness or the misery of a broken heart. Love isn’t blind, so you need to take a good look at the situation you are in and not have your intuition clouded by ignoring the present situation. A good thing to have is a good support system to deal with the matter at hand.

Not being in a relationship is a good chance to work on yourself and get involved with personal projects, or start any number of them. Your new partner can’t make up for the previous one. How often is one set of problems traded for new ones? A knight in shining white armour isn’t going to show up, nor is the cavalry arriving or your ship coming in to dock. After a while, with time away from relationships you can sit down to figure out what you want in the next one.

Getting into a rebound relationship isn’t going to even things out. Motivation to do this may be commendable, but the sense of urgency may cause a person to use clouded judgement. Then it may lead to a situation where the other person will be used or be hurt, feeling that they were part of a lower experience that didn’t need to happen and left to pick up the pieces.

Dealing with the pain of a broken heart needs to be dealt with or the pain will just get worse. It’s natural to want to be in a committed and fulfilling relationship, just don’t hurry into one or rush things faster than necessary.

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