Multi-racial Children Are The Future Of Humanity

Wills ThoughtsWill’s Thoughts On Interracial Children And Multiculturalism

Is multiculturalism really racial profiling? In an honest effort to do the right thing, sometimes we still end up doing the wrong thing. It doesn’t mean that we’re bad people, it just means that we’re human. We become inhuman when we refuse to change things we know to be wrong, or chose to ignore glaring facts. A prime example of a public perception that best represents this, is multiculturalism. It began as a beautiful idea, the celebration of cultures, religions and races. Its only flaw was that it was ran by people. People, despite what fronts they put on, and no matter what their outward appearance, are born racists. Every race ever known to mankind is/was racist. The result was an organization that outwardly preached integration, but which actually encouraged ghettoization.

When I was growing up, there were only two common types of interracial children, those from whites interbreeding with First Nations, or African Americans. Today, there are all kinds of interracials, such as Eurasians, Eurafricans, Half-Caste and many more. If Canada sincerely cares about multiculturalism, why does it focus on only pure ancestral strains, instead of interracial ones? It’s my opinion the multiculturalism our governments proudly promote today, is really racial profiling. Ask yourself, have you ever been to a multicultural event where people of interracial ancestries were even acknowledged (Metis excluded), let alone made to feel welcome? As a species, we’re rapidly interbreeding genetically, culturally and socially. Shouldn’t multiculturalism today also be about celebrating the combination of races and cultures, instead of only emphasizing ethnicity? The reality is that ‘Multicultural’ is now a race of interracial humans, and it’s growing.

interracial children

I remember as a child, a half-breed boy coming up to me in the Indian orphange, and saying, “Gee, you sure don’t look very Indian.” I told him that he sure as heck didn’t look very white, and we laughed until we cried. There are vast numbers of mixed children today, who are just as confused and lonely as I was as a child. Their confusion deserves recognition, and steps need to be taken to deal with their emotional, cultural and spiritual needs – needs currently being ignored. The world that our grandparents knew has passed. Isn’t it time to finally put racism to rest? People need to realize that the ‘Christian white man’ they think they’re talking to today, may actually have a status card, two or more ancestries, and could well be a practicing Muslim. Multiculturalism needs to recognize and respect the merging of the world’s cultures, faiths and ancestries, not ignore them.

It is time for society to acknowledge, accept and celebrate its multi-racial children, for we are the future of humanity. We are not ‘freaks’, ‘genetic mutants’ or ‘social embarrassments’. We are living, loving human beings. We aren’t ‘less than’ others, we are ‘more than’ they are, for we combine genetic strains. We are literally evolution staring you in the face, and we make no apologies. In fact, we should be apologized to, for all the rude and racist remarks that we have long endured.

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