Innovation Frees A Person

Innovation Frees You

There are really only two things to do in life, get busy living or get busy dying. Since most of us humans are living in a state of fear to some degree a slow death seems fashionable. I’ve found extremists from all walks of life sound so much alike on how they argue for or present what they believe in. Just the names and labels they use changes. Those claiming to be in the middle of the road may not say anything due to the intimidation factor from groups that are polar opposites of each other. Along the same lines is the number of virus outbreaks which could be used as scare tactics to keep mankind in yet another state of anxiety. It makes me wonder if this will ever end any time soon.

There is a habit that humans have that we tend to rush into things, skip through the questions as quickly as possible and accept answers that aren’t right. I call this mediocrity thinking that leads a person to get into the wrong line of work, wrong relationships even living the wrong life for them that amounts to being half assed. We need to start asking tough questions, not accepting pat answers and make a regular practice of critical re-evaluation of our position. We can do this; it’s that we’ve forgotten how to do so. Conventional wisdom needs to be ignored as one needs to find out for themselves what is happening. I keep harping about learning how to think but how else will we face new challenges and solve the problems that come up?

At social events or meetings I like sitting at the back or on the perimeter. Since distance provides a great perspective on any subject matter it gives me the opportunity to see what is really happening or being talked about. When political correctness rears its head I’ll do the exact opposite of what it presents or expects people to do. There are times to be polite and courteous but more often it is wise to speak one’s mind. Things get cleared up as they get out on the table.

If something is holding us back it is time to take stock of the situation. Instead of going through the day on automatic pilot one should see how they can get the most out of their time. Curiosity is the cure for boredom.

Being part of the solution, not the problem, is knowing when to ask the right questions. I find the status quo sucks so every few months I give myself a shake up of some kind. It keeps me fresh and things in perspective. But so many people hold fast to the same old, same old therefore inertia sets in. People are lacking is self confidence and don’t believe they’re making necessary changes in their life. As a result they latch onto any fad of the day or get wrapped up in herd mentality to numb the pain.

A big part of the solution is to take a honest appraisal of the situation and leaves ones comfort zone to see things in a different light so the routine gets shaken up. Sticking with the status quo is too easy, being yourself is harder. It involves stretching beyond being safe and heading out to the open waters of the unknown.

Most of us don’t get into trouble by not asking questions but by not acting on the answers they get. What worked in the past probably won’t work in the present or in the future. People make the same mistakes as corporations do by not using enough innovations to find solutions to improve their lot in life. The status quo paralyzes a person. Innovation frees them.

Ron Murdock

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