If One Could Become Invisible

invisable people

By Ron Murdock

All of us have been fascinated by the unseen, to find out the hidden secrets of others that we want to expose to the light of day. It’s always fun, maybe even sexual, to find some other person’s icky gooey stuff is being revealed, but when it is yours it’s another matter. It’s always fun to laugh at someone else’s foibles than your own. To be invisible brings out the voyeur inside a person, but if compromising data is discovered does one abide by ethics or chuck it aside?

One wouldn’t need to become invisible in the physical sense necessarily. An individual could sit in a darkened corner, or become ‘invisible’ in a crowd setting especially at a rock concert, political rally, sporting event or religious revival when the herd mentality takes over.

Getting back to the physical aspects of being invisible, a number of beings are supposed to be around us though we can’t see them. Fairies, guardian angels, spirit guides, demons are entities that can’t be seen, but are supposed to be of influence in our lives. So do they actually exist or just figments of the imagination?

Two novels share the same title; being The Invisible Man. One dealt with a man who was able to disappear physically after drinking a liquid created at his lab. The other book was about a man who was noticed only when he screwed up. The main theme of Tolkien’s epic fantasy, Lord of the Rings, was a ring when placed on the finger has its keeper disappear from view. The Shadow, of old radio show fame, had the ability to cloud men’s minds as he did his investigations.

Imagine if the military could have their ships, tanks and battalions disappear in war situations, or can they already do so? Science could very well be working on it as you read this. Would ethical concerns be pushed aside to gain power and knowledge? Information could be gathered as a way to compromise people. This doesn’t build up trust between people as knowledge gained could be used to manipulate the world population. Where would the line be drawn between good or bad morals?

Some have been accused of witchcraft because of so called dealings with unseen forces. Others claim to receive messages from the Astral Plane via Spirit Masters. Religious leaders claim the Holy Ghost fills them so they can pass along God’s so called message. A few say alien beings are communicating with them. I am skeptical of all of the above information being provided as some of it must be delusional,┬ámade up on the spot or pulled out of a hat. Some of the personalities involved are very charismatic, but that alone doesn’t make them right. We have to approach things in a rational manner not with superstition. I’d like to see these invisible beings physically manifest themselves and come clean on their doings.

A few years ago a Christian man told me that angels, invisible of course, use super sensitive equipment to record what we say or even think. All this data that is accumulated is to be used for or against us on the Day of Judgement. Law enforcement agencies must love to develop this type of technology if it hasn’t been already done so.

Another thing that can be invisible is in plain view. The power of suggestion or hypnotic control is quite influential in what we fail or refuse to see what is in plain view. A great example is the fairy tale ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. Peer pressure and excessive social conformity sways people into seeing things that are the exact opposite of what is right in front of them. In this fairy tale the emperor was naked in full view but the crowd was convinced otherwise. It took a boys honest appraisal of the situation to wake the audience to the actual reality. It shows most most human believe almost anything yet never ask hard questions on what they are involved with.

Imagine being invisible and going into a store to get stuff. There will be several double takes as people see items apparently floating in air or eating in public when digestion is in full view. Okay, maybe we don’t need a visual here. Some may want to be invisible for reasons known only to themselves Some are loners; others want to retreat from everyday life for a spell so they can get a clear perspective of their life situation. Being bullied causes a person wanting to be invisible or some may not like crowds very much or has a social anxiety disorder. In some societies,a caste system is in place that segments of the population are invisible. The Internet is a place where people can become invisible as they can be anybody they want to be. Several animals species can ‘disappear’ under the guise of camouflage.

If a person could become invisible where would they go or do? Myself, I would go where political leaders gather and find out who their handlers are. Then I would seek what information is stored at NASA and the Vatican that isn’t made public. One man said he would enter enemy military bases to gather data then report back to our side. A buddy of mine said he would expect to retain his five senses so he could cruise throughout the universes to ‘explore all creation in order to be a witness to it.’ A woman said she would enter a rich person’s house to see what is in there.

Of course there is what could be termed an adolescent mindset as some would enter a locker room of the opposite sex or the shower room at a fire hall. We can take a good guess at what they want to observe. One woman wanted to go to Graceland to lay on Elvis Presley’s bed, one of several who wanted to do so.

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