Ideas From ‘With or Without God’ By Gretta Vosper Part 3

By Ron Murdock

The church and its numerous denominations resemble advertisers marketing techniques that focus on specific groups. When attending a church service take a look around you to see what kind of crowd is in attendance. Not very often will you see a variety of people. The belief that everything runs in an orderly fashion is pushed out the door but the truth is that randomness may be more of the order of things. Another thing people are led to believe is that if you toe the line God will bless you but step out of line God will find a way of getting even with you. This winds up being little more than trash talk.

Honesty is at its best when used to make things better but there is no point behind it when it is used to hurt a person. At this point honesty is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some years ago I learned that it is more important to be honest than having to be right all the time. Another perk is that a person knows where I stand on a topic which eliminates a lot, if not all, of the B.S.

Unless you have met Jesus face to face nobody knows who he really was like. There is so much information recorded about Jesus, so much of it may be inaccurate or cannot be known. For all what we know we could be reading stories about a man who might not have existed. First hand knowledge or direct experience is a lot more reliable than data that has been passed along over a number of years. There is nothing particularly outstanding about the moral teachings of Jesus as it is more common sense than anything else.

The church needs to implement the attitude of say what they mean, mean what they say in its message. It remains to be known how much discernment is being used in the Church to interpret between reality and delusion. As part of the change the Church will have to examine its view of what God is like, as does any individual. The Church has to do the footwork as no one else will do it for them.

To get on with what is happening in the world the Church will have to wake up. Appropriate mottoes are learn how to think as opposed to being what to think, be part of the solution not the problem and get busy living or get busy dying. The bottom line here is that the way you live is more important than what you believe in.

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