Huggies TweetPee App Will Tweet You When It’s Time To Change Your Baby’s Diaper

Huggies TweetPee App

Finally, gone are the days of checking diaper moisture with a finger. With elasticized waistbands, colorful designs and comfort rivaling Air Force One, the newest leap in diaper technology is an iphone system called ‘TweetPee’.

Huggies Brazil has invented a plastic device that sends an alert to your iPhone when your baby goes number one. The only slightly obtrusive device detects changes in humidity, and when there is sufficient urine, sends an alert to your iPhone, indicating that he/she has peed. The app can also track your Huggies ‘stock’, and allows you to buy new diapers online.

I wonder how long it will take for it to come to north America, and for Depends and such garments to jump on this bandwagon? Oh, the names they could use…!

Huggies TweetPee App

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