Wheelchair Halloween Costumes Are Off The Charts Cool!

Halloween is coming to town, and for mobility challenged children, that can be a stressful event. But the children below, and their wonderful families, have found a way to still have a blast, and steal the best costume awards! We take our hats off to these folks for their enormous acts of love!

Here are 8 awesome Halloween wheelchair costumes!

First up, this awesome ice cream truck design is priceless, and always draws a crowd of children!

icecream truck costume

Next up, is a ‘Cars’ costume that is nothing short of genuis, and is loved by other people’s little ones.

cars wheelchair costume

Here’s a design that’s just so over the top, all we can say is, “We absolutely love it!” Play on, music man!

dj wheelchair costume

What Halloween would be complete without an appearence by the Caped Crusader? Wow, these kids are soooo incredible!

batman wheelchair costume

Looka out! Here a’comes Mario! The creativity these children and families have is not just amazing, it’s really, REALLY amazing!

mario wheelchair costume

Yabba Dabba Do! The kids from Bedrock just got into town! How mind-numbingly cute is this?

flintstone wheelchair costume

pirate wheelchair costume

Ahoy Matey! Have ya seen where they buried the candy? Arrrrh! Do I need to pull out the blunderbus on ye then? Wow, my hands are getting sore from applauding.

snoopy wheelchair costume

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