Guardians of The Galaxy Movie Review by Clifford T. Hofferd

Guardians of The Galaxy


At one point in Guardians of The Galaxy, Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill is describing the movie Footloose to Gamora. He says that everybody in the town that the movie takes place in, has “sticks up their butts”. Gamora’s only reply is “Who put the sticks up their butts?”

That little exchange gives you an idea what this movie has in store for you. Guardians of The Galaxy is the latest Marvel comic’s movie to tie into their cinematic universe. It features a band of outlaws chasing after an orb that is sought by some of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy. They are brought together by circumstance and a need for family. An outlaw from earth, a highly trained assassin, a vengeful maniac, an intelligent talking raccoon, and a giant walking tree creature round out this unusual cast of characters. There is humour (as demonstrated by trying to describe the movie Footloose), a healthy dose of action, and the potential for so much more. “We’re just like Kevin Bacon.”

With all of this said, this is the first movie of a new movie franchise. There is bound to be some mess here and there as things get established. Right now the characters are more archetypes than anything, as vital information is established in a series of rapid fire exposition blocks that are not organic. There are some great actors, like John C. Reiley and Glen Close, who are wasted in this movie. The villain Ronan is generic, and the only standout antagonist is Karen Gillan’s Nebula (who can be creepy as hell). I would have enjoyed a preview of Avengers: Age of Ultron, or a tease to other Guardians characters (instead we get a dancing tree).

There is potential here. The character archetypes can grow into so much more, while the Guardians have the potential to get involved in the much larger Marvel Cinematic universe (especially with the threat of Thanos looming).

I give Guardians of The Galaxy 7.0 surprise Howard The Duck cameos out of 10

(Seriously, Howard the Duck shows up in one of the end credits scenes)

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