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Grease My Hooves, Politics In Canada

Grease My Hooves, Politics In Canada by Andrew Sibbald

“I don’t spoil good stories with facts.” What a classic line! And, it’s only one of hundreds that are in this book. When I first began to read, ‘Grease My Hooves, Politics In Canada’, by British Columbia author, Andrew Sibbald, it was with a degree of trepidation. I expected it to mimic George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, so, kind of like watching singers in television competitions take on a huge song made famous by a huge star, and fail, I expected less than stellar results.

But, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Grease My Hooves, Politics In Canada blows an audience away with a talent that slaps your face around like the wind from a leafblower turned on high. Sibbald is so bloody tongue-in-cheek, and his parodies portray imbecilic political behavior with such uncanny precision, that his book will have you laughing, cheering and shouting like you’re watching a championship game. Andrew has made it virtually impossible for people to read a passage from his hand without experiencing an ‘OMG!’ moment, when one or more characters from the story remind the reader of someone that they personally know, or, that they have had dealings with.

Beyond the humor, Grease My Hooves, Politics In Canada is a sobering reminder of the multiple levels of greed and corruption in our governments, and the sleazy dealings that happen everyday around us, which few are ever made aware of. Orwell may have been the first published author to project human nature onto animals, but Andrew Sibbald far excels Orwell’s work in character development, humor and realism. One thing is for certain, if you read Grease My Hooves, you will never see politicians, and ‘movers-and-shakers’, in the same light again. Nor will you be able to remove that smirk from your face when you think of them. I deem this book, ‘bloody hilarious’.

Lastly, I would be almost criminally remiss if I failed to mention the artist who did all of the book’s illustrations, Andrew’s daughter, Nipi Sibbald. What an amazingly talented young lady! Nipi was born in Nunavik, and her art is off-the-charts awesome, especially when being self taught, and her young age, is factored in. I would love to own one of her originals, because it WILL be worth a fortune someday. Mark my words, Nipi Sibbald is an artistic name to follow. Art collectors are sure to soon begin to hoard her work.

In closing, buy the book, Grease My Hooves, Politics In Canada by Andrew Sibbald. You’ll be happy you did. However, I do caution you not to indulge in food or drink while reading it, because the humor may cause spontaneous laughter, inducing choking. It is my opinion that Andrew Sibbald is a rare talent, with an indisputable gift for writing.

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Bookworm Rating:

4.5 Bookworms

Book Review By: W. Lewis, Publisher at The Northern Star

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