Otoko Kaoru – Fragrant Shirt Has Attracted A Lot Of Attention From Retailers

Otoko Kaoru – Fragrant Shirt
The Otoko Kaoru (good-smelling man) Fragrant Shirt was released for sale in Japan, and attracted a lot of attention from retailers, who snapped up the first run of these sweetly scented garments.

Rose-scented micro-capsules are embedded in the shirt’s collar, and if they’re rubbed or put under pressure, they explode, releasing a liquid that evaporates into the air. The scent is designed to be subtle, rather than overpowering, and is only smelled when the shirt is worn.

The fragranced shirts cost about $35.00, but the fragrance fades after about 10 washes. It then becomes just a regular shirt. Part of the buzz around this product, is due to the original Otoko Kaoru gum made by Kracie. The rose and menthol fragrance of the gum was said to be absorbed through the mouth and digestive tract, after which your skin allegedly secretes the delectable scent.

Launched in 2006, the limited-edition gum proved so popular that it sold out, and had to be slowly re-released, region by region, to prevent shortages. Kracie ceased producing the gum in August 2010 to work with textile manufacturer, Shikibo, to produce the shirt. If all goes well, they’re planning to produce a polo shirt and pajamas with the same properties. Hopefully this apparel will make its way to Canada, because I’m sure we all know someone who could ‘benefit’ from one!

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