Floyd Creeky Creekmore Is Officially The World’s Oldest Clown

Creeky Is Officially The World's Oldest Clown

Creeky Is Officially The World’s Oldest Clown

As his larger-than-life clown shoes shuffle along methodically while working a crowd, causing laughter and wide-eyed wonder from children, Floyd “Creeky” Creekmore is one of the quieter acts in the circus. But there’s history behind those wrinkled eyes smiling through stage makeup. At 95 years old, Floyd was dubbed the oldest performing clown in the world, and he’s living proof that laughter is the best medicine.
Sure, there’s fewer magic tricks up his oversized sleeves than there once was, he quit juggling several years ago after a stroke, and he’s long since parked his home-made bicycle, but every time the Shrine Circus comes through Billings, Montana, where Floyd lives, Creeky the Clown springs to life.

It all began after talking to clowns in Barnum and Bailey’s circus during 1931, and later being invited to perform in a local parade. He showed up in a costume that he’d made from old clothes and lipstick – and found himself addicted to the laughter that he drew, beginning a routine that has lasted over eight decades.

In 1981, he joined the Shriners, and he has a whole wall in his home covered with awards from clowning competitions from across the country. On behalf of all the children you’ve made laugh, through very difficult times in history, thank you Floyd, so very much.

2014 Update – Floyd Creeky Creekmore passed away on September 27, 2014 at the age of 98. Thank you for brightening so many peoples lives… RIP

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