FEDDZ Electric Bike – Silent, Free From Oil, Gas And Without Smelly Emissions

FEDDZ Electric Bikes

FEDDZ Electric Bikes

Finally, a realistic alternative to all those gas burning polluters that makes sense.

FEDDZ produces a line of light, highly maneuverable electric bikes designed for those looking for outstanding value. They have a great commuting range, the ability to carry a reasonable amount of cargo, and are ultra-stylish green machines. Whatever you want to call them, e-bikes, e-scooters, electric cruisers….FEDDZ are Epic Bikes!

They reduced design details to just the novel and the essentials, and created streamlined beauties that scream originality. With three gears to choose from, you can get started in a relaxed fashion with the 25 km/hr model, or zip around with the 45 km/hr model. The centrally located belted cargo space (23 liters) is extra room created by removing the gas tank and motor, and allows you to neatly stow away anything from sport articles and groceries, to a briefcase.

There is even a USB connection to allow you to charge your mobile phone! The bikes feature an energy-saving LED light package, with a high performance head lamp, rear lamp, brake lamp and turn signals, these environmentally friendly two wheelers provide safety both day and night.

And, FEDDZ are not just utilitarian! These futuristic personal transports deliver the ultimate in driving fun in the city, or around the farm. Silent, free from oil, gas and without smelly emissions….they are what our driving future should be. FEDDZ are currently available with either a 70 or 110 kilometer range, and have removable batteries that can be charged at home or office.

FEDDZ may well be the vehicle of the future, and with a starting price tag in the $8,900 (CAD) range, the future is certainly affordable today. Visit www.feddz.de for more information.

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