English Is A Hard Language To Learn Part 7

Do You Speak English

By Ron Murdock

How often does a cow utter through its udder?

I knew a guy that didn’t have much room in his room.

Why go into mourning just because it is morning?

But she did have a big butt.

Don’t be a heel if you hurt your heel, just let it heal.

You never know what is in store when you enter a store.

Without a paint scheme the plane looked rather plain.

He drove his boat straight into Georgia Strait.

The male buck said the buck stops here.

The female doe knew how to handle the dough.

I wonder if the planet Mercury has any mercury on it.

Does the town of Merritt have any merit to it?

We don’t need a good reason to use reason.

Cliff stopped before he went over the cliff.

The moose ate a lot of chocolate mousse.

Flo really got into the flow of things on an ice floe.

The dove dove while flying in the sky.

Take a poll at the North or South Pole to see what information you come up with.

When the chips are down eat some potato chips.

Did the bird cheep or is it just plain cheap.

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