English Is A Hard Language To Learn Part 6

Ron Murdock

Dawn likes to get out of bed at dawn.

Take a break from working on your brake system.

Art was good at drawing art.

Due to extreme weather people wanted the wind to wind down.

The cast wanted to cast lunch out as it was so bad.

How wise is it to eat more of an Eat More candy bar?

Some people get the picture while drawing a picture.

What is the big deal with watt usage?

Does a cell phone affect a person’s cell activity?

Does a seal need a seal of approval?

Can one who did desert their squadron still eat dessert in the desert?

At a landfill can you refuse to deal with all the refuse?

I have to hand it to a baseball pitcher who has a good hand in throwing a baseball or has a good hand in cards.

You can fork over the food with a fork.

Olive Oyl uses a lot of oil in her car motor.

I read a book with a red cover that was a good read.

The mouse liked to use the computer mouse.

I knew a man who played bass and fished for bass.

I came across a man who had no match for lighting a match.

The fly flew into a no fly zone.

Mickey bought a mickey at the liquor store.

Jack used a car jack to change a car tire.

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