English Is A Hard Language To Learn Part 5

By Ron Murdock

The flea knew it had to flee the scene.

The ant was happy to become an aunt.

A group was known to steal from a steel factory.

Pray for the people who are easy prey.

The sucker really like to lick their sucker.

A person threw a rock at a rock concert.

It’s not fine to not pay your fine.

The bat really came out to bat at night.

The boxer had a boxer for a pet.

The lot the house was one that had a lot of acreage on it.

Cat litter is part of the litter that people throw out.

It’s a grave matter to ignore what may happen beyond the grave.

Can you count on a person being able to count?

Mark was occasinally on the mark on any given subject.

They had to iron out some issues at the iron factory while pressing cloths with an iron.

One can see lots at the sea.

One can go to either a tea party or a tee time.

Things may happen in the month of May.

A gal called April was born in the month of April.

Armies march better in the month of March.

Is it any easier to fall in love during the fall season?

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