English Is A Hard Language To Learn

By Ron Murdock

Somehow English has become the number one language in our world. Yet it has so many words that sound the same, but have different meanings. Below are a few examples.

  • An oldie is which witch is which.
  • I went to the store to buy two liters of milk too.
  • The bear went bare on the beach but barely made it through the day.
  • The rat was known to rat on other animals.
  • I went to the store for four things.
  • Remember to book an appointment at the book store.
  • Go forth on the fourth day of the month.
  • The light bulb was light to carry.
  • I got the dirt on dirt.
  • The golf course was coarse to play on.
  • What does reel life in the movies have to do with real life?
  • Some people hold their deer dear.
  • They’re going to build their house over there.
  • Writing a novel is a novel idea.
  • I don’t know about people that can’t say no.
  • You’re at your house.
  • Max paid the max on his credit card.
  • The person had a right to turn right at the corner.
  • When on a walk stop so smell a flower. When at a bakery stop to smell the flour.
  • One needs to write about the right stuff.
  • The pail was pale in colour.

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