The Enchanted Forest Is Found In Revelstoke British Columbia

The Enchanted Forest In British Columbia

The Enchanted Forest is located in British Columbia, Canada, and it will amaze you with its fairy tale like setting.

What started out as a retirement project, and a place for Doris Needham’s handmade fairy tale figurines to dwell, has today become a popular place to not only step back in time, but also into a whole other world. Back in the 1950’s, Doris and Ernest Needham purchased forty acres of isolated land, between Revelstoke and Sicamous, BC.

Using only their hands, shovels, picks and a crosscut saw, they cleared trails throughout the forest and created “The Enchanted Forest”. Ernest built a “Candy Cane” home for them to live in, and rock walls around the property. The Enchanted Forest first officially opened to the public in 1960, and by 1970, over a million people had already visited it.

The Needham’s have since retired, and Rocky and Juliet Ehlers have taken over to keep the magical place alive. The Enchanted Forest allows visitors to see, feel and step into the homes of fairy tale heroes, villains and creatures. The main trail provides the magical setting for over three hundred and fifty jolly folk art figurines, BC’s tallest tree house, a giant stump house, and so much more.

Rent a boat and observe beavers, or wander nature trails where you’ll be amazed by the eight hundred year old cedar grove. The Enchanted Forest is a wonderful world of fantasy, a place where dreams have been brought to reality, and it’s a must see for anyone visiting British Columbia. To find out more about The Enchanted Forest, visit

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