Employees Are Desperately Needed To Fill Multiple Positions

Want a thrill-a-minute job? The Catholic church needs more exorcists!

Due to a significant global increase in the number of requests for exorcisms, the church needs to train far more exorcists than ever before. While some suggest the move is related to an increase in mental health concerns, others suggest it’s only one of several indicators that a massive battle between the forces of good and evil is about to take place.

The paranormal elements related to each case are what makes them a case of possession instead of mental illness. Symptoms of possession vary from sudden unexpected personality changes, levitation, paranormal abilities, superhuman strength and speaking in languages previously unknown by the afflicted.

A recent example is the crowd of school children that suddenly started acting strangely, exhibiting superhuman strength, speaking a strange dialect and acting violent to those attempting to calm them.

The Catholic church says that it needs trained individuals that can objectively analyze situations, to determine if something is an actual case of possession, or simply a mental illness. Though possession was exceptionally rare in previous years, many more people today are showing signs of possession than ever before in history.

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