Electronic Smile Enhancer – Okay Everyone, Ready? SMILE!

Electronic Smile Enhancer

Have you ever gone to get that great family portrait taken, only to have your kids refuse to smile? Or, how about visiting a relative’s house and having to beg your child to smile and act happy to see old Uncle Fred? Well, you’re not alone.

All parents, at some point, want their children to put on a fake smile. Well, worry no more, a Japanese inventor has come up with the Electronic Smile Enhancer, a sure fire way to force even the most stubborn children to put on ‘a happy face’!

The Electronic Smile Enhancer hooks over your child’s ears, like glasses, with an adjustable part that secures it snugly under the chin. So, how does the device “force” children to smile? Well boys and girls, can we say electro-shock treatment? Yes, when activated, the part under the chin sends a pulse of electricity through your child’s cheek muscles, causing them to spasm and create a smile.

The highest setting on the Electronic Smile Enhancer is reserved for those naughty children who dare to defy the machine. When used, it impels even the most stubborn child to smile. Although the gesture is generated by the sudden jolt of electricity to the jaw muscles, the smile appears realistic.

(Warning: Public use in Canada with the Electronic Smile Enhancer will result in spontaneous black eyes, broken noses and other assorted butt kicking injuries)

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