Stupid Pet Idea – Dog-O-Matic Washing Machine

Dog-O-Matic Washing Machine

Okay, just how much alcohol did the inventor of the Dog-O-Matic drink in order to incubate it? I bet that it was a lot!

I don’t think that France‚Äôs Roman Jarry meant for his coin operated dog wash to be cruel, as a matter of fact, he flatly denies it, but seriously, does this photo look like the dog is enjoying himself?

What happened to just filling the bath tub with some water and washing your pet the old fashion way? Sure you might get all wet, and if you have a 100 pound mutt, it may be quite the struggle if he does not like baths, but hey… no one said owning a furbaby would be all fun. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!

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