How To Look Good And Make People Everywhere Hate You

disco helmetWhen San Francisco based designer, Natalina Walsh, created a how-to guide for making a ‘do it yourself’ disco helmet, her idea was to teach people to create a funky retro melon protector. Her bright idea was to take a usually lame-looking motorcycle accessory, and then make it just as cool and ‘sparkly’ as possible.

In a move that screams irony, Walsh recommends using acrylic mirrored tiles, rather than glass ones, ‘for safety’s sake’. But there’s a major problem with her idea. Sunlight reflects off mirrors, right into the eyes of other drivers. So while it might sound stylish to don a helmet that can be seen from outer space, and that blinds drivers everywhere you go, don’t expect other folks to appreciate your sense of fashion.

Of course, you’ll run the risk of being ‘recovered’ by search and rescue crews, after the pretty little mirrors have flashed SOS’s to aircraft and ships that happen to be within a diameter of several hundred miles, but then, whoever said that being fashionable was going to be easy?

Disco Motorcycle Helmet

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