Cult Of Celebrity Is At Hand

By Ron Murdock

History repeats itself time after time. The human species never learns from past mistakes, through we acknowledge them but never really do anything concrete about it. We could learn to take a hard look at how we are doing things so we can get out of the vicious cycle we’re in, as long as we don’t leave one circle to enter another one.

Some comparisons can be made between Hitler and Trump. Germany was in dire straits after the end of World War One. When Hitler took power in 1933 he rallied the German citizens against a common enemy, primarily the Jews. Hitler immediately cancelled the Treaty of Versailles, got the economy going strong and restored German pride.

Trump sounds eerily similar to Hitler in several ways. He wants to focus American anger against Muslims, Mexicans and families of ISIS members by labeling them as undesirables. So instead of judging each individual by their own merits, Trump has stereotyped one group so the American people have something to channel their collective anger on. With Trump claiming foreign countries are ‘sucking money out of the U.S’, relations with Canada could change dramatically.

sheep hitler trump

Like many large gatherings, emotion talks and logic walks. Leaders with any level of charisma know how to work this into their favour. Slogans are great as they appeal to the base instincts of a crowd. Just whip them into a frenzy with mottos like ‘let’s make our country great again’, ‘we need a return to law and order’, or ‘we need to get our people back working’. All that is needed is to create a problem, see how people react to it, see if they can be coerced into a particular reaction, then offer a ready made solution. If a crowd can be kept in a controlled madness they will accept just about any answer that the controllers have in mind, even if it means missing out or ignoring other viable options.

What we are witnessing is little more than a pissing contest between human sponges. If all the hype, lights, bells and whistles are stripped away we would find reality. It’s bad enough that people are jailed for heinous crimes like collecting rain water for personal use, we get a minority of cops that abuse their power and media that report fabrications and half-truths as ordered by their bosses. The politically correct are part of it as they want to eliminate words and thoughts that go against their mandates. Fear and intimidation are part of the scene that keep most of us silenced.

When will it end or is there one? How much longer will people keep accepting the same old B.S.? We need to face the truth squarely in the face and deal with it. Until then we’ll be treading water, or possibly trading one warped answer for another one. If you go far enough into the background you might find dark forces of some kind that are the ones really in charge. Would they become frightened enough of us if we join forces in large enough numbers?

Government does more than what they are suppose to do as to maintaining services and ensuring a level playing field for all of us. I suspect they want to control every word, action and thought we have. They want us to play their game by their rules; we need to remove our support by any means possible. We have to stop the blind obedience to authorities and get our power back from the grand thieves in charge.

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