Crayola’s Top Crayon Maker Emerson Moser Was Colorblind

Crayons Black and White
Crayola has been famous for their wide color spectrum of art devices since 1903, so you’d think the ability to see the full color spectrum would be a prerequisite for the job. But, just like that English teacher who never learned how to read, a man, who, in his thirty seven year career at Crayola, spanning 1.4 billion crayons, surprised everyone when he announced that he had been colorblind the entire time.

Emerson Moser, a senior crayon maker for Crayola, made the announcement when he retired. Moser’s condition isn’t as uncommon as you may think. Up to eight percent of men have colorblindness in some form. The colorblind just have fewer photoreceptors in their eyes.

The unfortunate thing is, that colorblindness can restrict some career choices. For instance, Air Force pilots cannot be colorblind, nor electricians or firefighters.

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