Color Paw Nail Polish For Pampered Pets

Dog Nail Polish

Pamper Your Pooch With A Pretty Puppy Peticure

It’s bad enough that Brutus, your bulldog, has to tolerate all the ridiculous clothing you think he “looks cute” in, but did you also know that they make a line of nail polish and pretty stickers for pampered pets? ‘Color Paw’ nail polish come in canine colors to make sure you get the perfect PETicure. Color Paw is fast drying, requires only one coat, is water and chip resistant, and it comes in over thirty two colors.

There’s even a holiday collection, consisting of Green Sparkle, or Red Sparkle, both of which are suggested to use on Dog Nail PolishFifi, alternating colors on each nail, giving your pampered pooch a chic and fashionable holiday theme. However, if you don’t think Rin Tin Tin will sit still long enough for you to paint his nails, Color Paw also has a handy pen-style applicator that comes in five colors, from Blueberry Pearl, to Poppin’ Purple.

Then, as the pièce de résistance of cosmetic care for your cuddly canine, after you’ve prettied them up with puppy nail polish, apply Pet Nail stickers! Choose between Glitter Flowers, Hearts and Bows, or Rhinestones. For more information, or to purchase, visit them at

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