China Has The World’s Happiest Pigs Living In A Pig Villa

Pig Villa In China

Because pork’s the most consumed meat in China, Chinese government advisers decided that drastic action was required to produce better pork. Their solution? Build Pig Villa so the pigs could live in luxury.

According to Hu Juchun, “A good environment leaves pigs in a good mood, and keeps them healthy. It’s therefore logical that the pork will be better.”

So far, there are about 600 small concrete houses, however, they plan to build 2,500 more on the 2,000 hectares of woodland that make up the Pig Villa’s estate. The villas are equipped with toys and furniture for the pigs to play with, and they’re allowed to socialize with other pigs in the villa’s courtyard during the day. There’s a strict curfew of 5:00 pm, when all must be back inside their homes.

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