Cat Is Runnning For The United States Senate

hank for senate

Hank knows what to do with all the litter in Washington, DC, and believes paws down that he has more to offer Virginian voters than his rival candidates, George Allen and Tim Kaine, both former governors, who are running to replace the retiring senator, Jim Webb.

The Springfield, Virginia catidate is running for the U.S. Senate as an independent write-in. Hank sees things from the street level, and he knows purrfectly well what to do with rats of all species. Hank’s a streetwise nine year old, whose campaign is being ran by a Springfield couple, Matthew O’Leary and Anthony Roberts.

They set up Hank with his own Twitter handle, Facebook page, website and campaign ad, then launched the election effort on October 7, 2011. Both photographers, they dressed him in a tie and made politically-themed portraits for fun. After creating a website and a mock campaign, originally “as a joke to kind of let off some steam”, O’Leary and Roberts realized that people were really starting to like Hank, and what he stands for.

Since the hairy senate hopeful launched his campaign, Hank’s been covered by The Washington Post, NBC Washington, and Fox 5 News.

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