Book Reviews By Will Lewis

Book Reviews By Will Lewis

With decades of publishing under his belt, Will has reviewed volumes of literary works, ranging from personal autobiographies to intricate works by Harvard grads. His reviews are not paid advertisements, they are honest appraisals.

So, why does Will charge a fee to do book reviews? Because spending hours pouring over books is work, anyway you look at it, and Will believes that honest labor deserves an honest wage.

He will also take on select editing projects for a fee determined by the amount of work involved.

When you’re ready to turbocharge your book sales, well written book reviews by Will can make a huge difference!


1) Request a book review by simply emailing Will at [email protected]. Please provide as much information as possible about your book (title, author, publisher name, number of pages and a brief outline of what your book is about). You will receive a reply within five (5) business days confirming that he will, or will not, accept your book to review.

2) If accepted, you will then choose whether you want to send a print (snail mail) or digital (email) version (print is preferred), select either standard service (7-9 weeks from arrival – $99.95), or express service (2-4 weeks from arrival – $149.95). Payment is only available through Paypal, and is required before any review is started. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use this service, and major credit cards are accepted.

3) Upon receipt of your book and payment, a complete review of your book will be done (approximately 250-350 words).

4) You will receive the completed review by email when it is ready. You may then choose to have it published on The Northern Star website (at no extra charge) where it will be read by persons in over 120 countries around the world. You may also use it any other way that you choose – on the back cover of your book, in marketing materials, on your website, in online bookstores, or in a letter to an agent or publisher.

To request a review, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Will at [email protected]!