Bambi Arrested And Charged As Peeping Tom


Bambi Is Arrested And Charged As A Peeping Tom

Central Indiana police report that Bambi has been taken into custody after he was accused by residents of lewdly peering through windows, possibly hoping to sneak a peek at a fruit bowl or flowers. The April 4th caller to 911 stated that a deer was “looking through windows.” When a deputy responded to the complaint, he was surprised to find that the animal was friendly enough to pet.

The caller had reported that a deer was wandering about in the yards of a neighborhood in New Castle, Indiana. The attending Henry County sheriff’s deputy said that the suspect was “extremely friendly, to the point that subjects were able to approach the deer and pet it.” But other residents reported that the animal would sometimes bite or appear aggressive. Rather than putting lives at risk by possibly causing a high speed chase, police called in a wildlife SWAT team.

Once in position, their sniper took the perpetrator down with a tranquilizer dart. When the suspect succumbed to the drug, and collapsed, a tense stand off ensued after a rascally rabbit suddenly appeared from nowhere, and began to aggressively protect his fallen friend. A negotiator was brought in, the rabbit settled for a carrot, and the animals were taken into custody without incident. Allegedly named Bambi, the deer’s identity remains unconfirmed.

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