Tattoupées – Tattoos For Your Bald Head

Tattoupees For Bald Heads

Baldness for men is inevitable.

Sure, you can have a hair transplant, wear a wig, or cover your shiny noggin with a hat, but how boring is that? Hair transplants are so expensive that they can break the bank, and most, if not all of those “As Seen On TV” miracle products to grow hair are a farce.
But we found a better solution, ‘Tattoupées’ from Gadgets and Gears. Tattoupées make a great gift for follicly challenged men, no matter what their age. With thirty five temporary tattoos to choose from, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Tattoupées for bald men

Defy baldness and turn the expanse of your scalp into a work of art. Tattoupées are the perfect accessory for your shiny crown, with designs that include Thought Bubbles, Flies, Beetles, Ants, a Target (not advisable to wear that one when your wife or girlfriend is PMSing!), and even a light bulb for all you thinkers out there, with many more packaged in a decorative tin.

Now, if you aren’t into tattoos, and prefer something that looks a little more “natural”, make sure that you check out the Inflatable Toupee!

Inflatable Toupee

And while you are at it, you might as well get yourself an Inflatable Beard Of Bees as well!

Inflatable Beard Of Bees

Image Source: Gadgets and Gear Store

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