Assumptions About Jesus

By Ron Murdock

I wonder if there is anyone in the last millennia or two who hasn’t heard of Jesus. It seems that Jesus is the best known figure in history yet probably is the least known. If one was to ask who was Jesus they could be surprised by the variety of answers received. Some would be from the party line of whatever church they attend while other information would be speculation at best. Yet how many of us really know who Jesus was? It’s not wise to assume what kind of person Jesus was as assumptions quite often are wrong.

There has been talk that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Others claim Jesus was celibate for his entire life. Is there any reliable evidence that states either side of this topic is correct? If Jesus did marry Mary, I can’t see it being a problem from what Jesus set out to do in his ministry. When I listen to those claiming Jesus was celibate it sounds like they have a phobia or unresolved issues regarding sex.

As far as physical appearance who really knows what Jesus looked like? Long haired, short haired, does it really matter? Before anyone quotes 1 Corinthians 11:14 they better read the second chapter of James first. For Jesus’s height, can any one of us tell with any accuracy just how tall or short he was? I don’t see a concern here. For the clothes Jesus wore, I can’t see him or the apostles wearing suits or ties at any point during their work week never mind on the Sabbath. With the above points in mind it show how often people go by outward appearances rather than what is inside a person.

Thing is just how many times the story of Jesus has been changed to conform to someone’s private agenda. Every time one reads history of any kind they have to ask if this is really what happened. We have to start taking a good look at things in the cold white light of dawn and be ready to release any sacred beliefs that don’t hold water or no longer serves any real purpose.

Assumptions About Jesus Feature

I look at prophecies much like I do with tarot cards, psychic predictions, fortune telling, the writings of Mother Shipton or Nostradamus and others. I take them with a degree of skepticism as what is said or written is so vague any interpretation could fit in. Prophecies might not concern coming events of the future but with situations that are current or happened in the past.

One thing is important. When you quote someone make sure it’s precisely what the person said or how would you feel if you were the quoted wrong? Or let the person speak for themselves. Jesus was quoted extensively in the four gospels but how much were statements from Jesus or were metaphors is open for debate. There are parables I do like and appreciate. One is the saying “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” This is common sense at its best and if done by the right spirit would alleviate a lot of the world’s problems. The other was when a woman was brought before Jesus after committing adultery. Jesus wrote something in the sand, got up to say: “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” I noticed that every one of the men slunk off and found other things to do.

It doesn’t matter what physical characteristics Jesus had. It really is of no concern. What does matter is that we don’t let Jesus fall into the cult of celebrity, but to practice and meditate on what he said and implement it into our lives.

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