Anything To The Book The Secret?

By Ron Murdock

Psst, anyone want to know a secret? Of course they do, along with passing it along to others. The Secret was a book that was on several bestsellers lists for what seemed to be ages. After reading it I didn’t find the book any different from other positive thinking books. It did provide some suggestions on developing a better attitude, but lacked any reminders that people need to take the necessary action to have their dreams come true. Articles that I write won’t get published unless I do some research prior to applying my pen to paper, then do editing before submitting it.

For 37 years I wanted to host my own radio talk show. I don’t have enough qualifications to work at most radio stations but 16 months ago I entered the Coop radio station in the town I live in. I filled out the necessary paperwork then waited for the approval that did come through. Then the real work began as it takes a lot of prep work to find guests to come on the show and formulate the questions I want to ask them.

Book The Secret

Everything you see and use in a day started as a thought in someone’s mind. Then the creation process begins to have the thought become a product. But to keep an idea in your head is a loss that will never see the light of day thus remains wishful thinking. A lot of the information in The Secret is knowledge that is right under our noses. We just have to wake up more to realize it.

Jerry and Esther Hicks have claimed to channel an entity called Abraham. These beings are always invisible and only communicate with those acting as their mouthpiece. This alone has me being skeptical on what is going on and being said. Are the channelers in contact with a trickster or kind spirit? Perhaps the channeler is making up the information as they go along. With the big bucks that roll in from book sales, workshops, DVDs and so on I wonder if any of the entities get something in the way of royalty checks. Or maybe a donation was contributed to the spirits favourite charity. Maybe signs should be put up outside these seminars that read; “Beware. Hucksters At Work.”

While it is good to be specific and precise on what a person wants in life, they will get hit sideways every so often. An example is getting a house. Depending on the size of the building and lot the mortgage and upkeep may be beyond what some people can afford or handle. It would be wise to sit down to take a realistic look at what you are getting into. On rare occasions something will good will come your way with no effort on your part. But in the majority of cases when opportunity comes by it wears overalls and requires one to put the necessary effort to make it enter into reality. This is the real secret behind it all. An example is finding a job. One has to develop job skills in whatever ways it takes. Then it’s time to build up the resume, even volunteer work helps. Then one needs to knock on doors, shake hands and more to test the job market. If one doesn’t do these things they will remain in unemployed dream land.

A problem I see is how people may use the Universe as a vending machine. Instead of coins we use our thoughts to press the right buttons and the Universe give a person exactly what they want. A few years ago I was at a guided meditation when the leader said the Universe could not possibly refuse a request a person asked for. This struck me as being a bit odd as I don’t think the Universe owes anyone a living.

Still life is meant to be enjoyed; it’s not an endurance test. Either one gets busy living or gets busy dying. Your choice on where you go on this one. If you want to get somewhere in life you have to put out the effort to achieve your goals.

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