DAT’s Amphicruiser Is A True Amphibious 4×4

DAT Amphicruiser

Roughly 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. The other 30% is covered by land, but even a large part of the remaining area is not accessible using a traditional vehicle. Why do we restrict ourselves to the confines of a small percentage of Earth, instead of being able to go to any place we like? Now there is no need to, because a Netherlands vehicle manufacturer has just opened up several hundred million miles of available destinations!

DAT B.V. believed that it’s silly to miss out on all the beauty we were once restricted from, so they decided to build a vehicle to let us explore the entire world in all its beauty.

DAT’s Amphicruiser is a true amphibious 4×4, with each aquatically compatible vehicle handmade in the Netherlands using the highest quality and most reliable parts available. It is powered by a robust 4.2 liter Toyota engine, legendary for its extreme reliability.

Now you can forget worrying about water while hitting the back roads in your SUV. When you’re in a DAT Amphicruiser you won’t avoid water, you’ll sail right across it. And, it eliminates boat and trailer hassles and expense, because when you’re rolling along the Amphicruiser, your SUV is your boat!

At home on highways, byways and waterways, the Amphicruiser is fully certified for use on paved roads, and has passed rigorous marine testing for ships to guarantee a safe journey on water. You can be confident once you turn off Rat Race Road and onto Adventure Place to get to where you want to go, because it has an onboard water jet that allows it to cruise comfortably across waterways at speeds of up to 6.95 knots (8 mph, 12.8 kph).

When you slide behind the wheel of a Amphicruiser, you have the ability to blaze paths and embark on journeys that were once only the stuff of science fiction novels. Oh, and make darn sure you pack your fishing gear (since you’re going to be on the water anyway…:-). And, if you’re concerned about your rock climbing, mud-whomping, swamp-thrashing, off-road ferry looking a heap too much like a four door hardtop family vehicle, there’s even an awesome single-door convertible version as well.

Check the DAT Amphicruiser out at www.amphicruiser.com, and get ready for the greatest adventures you ever dreamed of!

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