American Terrorism Is Out Of Control

Terrorism is out of control in the United States of America. From obese children and neglected senior citizens, to slaughtered children in schools and first responders exterminated for sport, American terrorism is exploding. But, the violent and hateful acts are not being committed by hateful strangers from other lands, nor are they the most destructive of the terrorists. It has become almost common for parents in the U.S. to kill their children, and for the children to kill their parents. In fact, citizens of the United States today are far more likely to die at the hands of friends, family or neighbors, than they ever are by those who are a stranger.

And, terrorism is not just an act done by a foreign power, or organization trying to socially or politically disrupt a nation. It can also be the direct result of neglect and denial, which has now infected every level of U.S. society. Today, government departments across the nation are run by self-righteous imbeciles, pretending that they know what to do, when all of the facts on the street tell a completely different story.

Look around America. You are under attack! You are being systematically destroyed by terrorists every bit as guilty as the fanatical Islamic terrorists who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center towers. How can you identify an American terrorist? Well, the first place to look is in your mirror. When you stand and stare at your image, you know that are looking dead into the eyes of an American terrorist…

  • if you over-feed your children
  • if you buy goods that are not made in America
  • if you refuse to vote
  • if you turn your back on a neighbor in need
  • if you steal
  • if you cheat on your taxes
  • if you hurt people instead of helping them
  • if you believe that it is okay to enter a home, place of employment or a school, and murder people
  • if you believe that it is okay to set off a bomb in public places
  • if you exclude, or treat people differently, based on race, religion, sex or age
  • if you drink and drive
  • if you text and drive
  • if you are guilty of road rage
  • if you suppress or restrict the freedom of speech
  • if you vandalize
  • if you commit or participate in crime
  • if you won’t open doors for others
  • if you no longer use ‘please’, thank you’, ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’
  • if you neglect your family and friends
  • if you hate police instead of helping them
  • if you ignore artists instead of supporting them
  • if you have gone a week without doing something nice for someone else
  • if you lied to get elected, or, did so after
  • if you abuse a position of power, no matter how small
  • and, the most horrible terrorist act of all, if you fail to love and provide for your children

That’s right America, there are millions of terrorists who are deliberately, and actively, tearing your nation apart. But, they aren’t robed strangers from foreign lands. They are greedy, self-righteous, lying, thieving, murdering Americans. They are misfit monsters whose only interests are how much they can get with the least amount of effort and expense. Wake up and smarten up! If people aren’t part of your nation’s solution, then they are terrorists, and deserve all of the rights, honor and treatment of any other murderous criminals trying to destroy your nation. It’s time to put the ‘me’ back into America, and to end the civic, economic, spiritual and moral terrorism of one of the greatest countries in all of history, the United States of America.

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