Nestle Purina Advertising Gimmicks

Dog CommercialIt’s bad enough that our kids are hooked on video games and computers, now a dog food company is trying to get our four-legged companions hooked on TV commercials.

A Nestle Purina dog food commercial, for Beneful dog food, has created a commercial with sounds that only dogs can hear. Inaudible to humans, the commercial contains high-frequency noises, as well as squeaks (like rubber ducks) and pings (like food bowls) to make dogs sit up and take notice. They cleverly figured that if the dogs’ “human companions” see their pet(s) get all excited over that specific commercial every time it airs, it’ll make them buy that dog food.

According to Nestle Purina’s Anna Rabanus, they wanted to create a TV commercial that our four-legged friends can enjoy and listen to, but that also attracted the attention of the owner to their product. Currently, the commercials are only airing in Germany and Austria.

And this is not the first time that Nestle Purina targeted pampered pooches. Last year, they had a ‘Stop-sniffing’ campaign, where special posters were put on advertising boards near areas that dogs frequent. The posters were heavily laced with the scent of Beneful dog food, attracting the attention of pets while they were out walking their owners.

Dogs Watching TV

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