A Third Look At English Being Difficult To Learn

By Ron Murdock

Who wouldn’t want a piece of any peace going around?

The Czech wanted to cash his check so he did check it out.

For the record he did record the record from the music store.

At lunch they ate eight slices of pizza.

The Hart Family had some good heart to them.

I went to an ice cream store on Sunday to eat a sundae.

Let’s hear it for being over here.

It’s wise to eat hot chili on a chilly day.

Take an interest in interest rates.

It’s great to stand over a warm grate on a cold night.

On radio Mike spoke into the mike.

I’ve heard enough about the herd mentality.

You really need to knead bread before baking it.

A minute is a very minute period of time.

I developed a coke habit by drinking too many cans of Coca Cola Classic.

The ape went ape over the latest jungle movie.

During hunting season the fowl got into a foul mood.

A person has a right to practice a religious rite.

A person has to train to drive a train.

You can lead a person to get the lead out of their car.

When joking around Shirley was surely jesting.

Whether or not one likes it they have to put up with what the weather throws their way.

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