5 Unique Surprises For Moms on Mother’s Day

Although you may be exhausted from the festivities of spring and all that spring cleaning, you must remember to prepare for this single and special day: Mother’s day. Yes, April is almost over and before you know it, the second Sunday of May comes lurking out from the corner.

Wondering what to get your mother and/or the mother of your children? Well, a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers may do the trick, but does that really express how much she means to you? Practical gifts go best for birthdays; Mother’s day gifts are things she really wants. So try to come up with something original.

If you’re having trouble with what to give the lucky lady in your life, here are a few surprises to pull out of your sleeve.

1. Write her a letter
When was the last time you wrote a letter to your mom saying how thankful you are for having raised you? In the same light, have you ever shown your wife the appreciation she deserves for being a wonderful mother?

This time, instead of whipping out your credit card, whip out your creative mind and make the juices start flowing. You can either send her a traditional card, an ecard, or a plain email. Don’t worry if it’s too short or too long; what’s important is that you’re sincere with your message.

2. Plan a weekend getaway
Moms need time off from motherhood. Treat the mother in your life to a weekend getaway. If it’s your mom, you can include your dad; if it’s your wife, turn it into a romantic trip.

Find out where she wants to go and you do some real planning, including activities, accommodations, and others. This way, she won’t have to stress about what to do or where to go once she’s there. You can also supply a variety of options so that she won’t be obliged to follow what you provided, step by step.

3. Make her dinner
Whether it’s for your mom or your wife, surprise her with your cooking skills. Cook up one of her favorite meals and leave the kitchen sparkling spotless when you’re done. Prepare the table, let her enjoy the meal you prepared, and spend quality time at the dinner table. Just make sure you don’t burn anything!

4. Give her something personal
Personal things are great gifts because they reinforce family. You can put together old photos and create a photo album. Feel free to make it look like a scrapbook, with quotes, anecdotes, and ticket stubs. Be creative and put a little bit of yourself into it, and you’ll be sure she’ll love it.

If you want the gift to look professional but still have a personal touch, why not put a most-loved photo on canvas? A larger canvas can be displayed in the room and a smaller one can be displayed on top of shelves or on her office desk.

5. Buy her things that keep giving
Since your mom has continued to give you gifts of all forms, it’s time to give a gift that will somehow last. For instance, pay for her magazine subscriptions, cable, cellular services. You can also give her a perennial plant or a calendar as a symbol.

Ultimately, do something or give her something that will reinforce her individuality. This will reflect how much she means to you.

Do you have another surprise idea that you can share? Let us know in the comments.

About the author:

Melissa Page is a professional writer with over four years of experience. She’s the sentimental type, and has a shelf of keepsakes and memorabilia. She also loves travelling and coffee. Follow her on Twitter as MelissaPage90.

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