4 Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Pet

Are you thinking of getting a dog? The idea of adopting one is easier said than done. Whenever I see puppies, I almost give in to the temptation to adopt one, but some things always hold me back. Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility, which means that you must be ready to carry the burden of caring for another living creature. Here are some things you need to consider before you decide to care for a pet.


Taking care of a puppy is like a prelude to what your life would be like if you had your own baby. Puppies need more than just tender loving care, they need your time and attention. Some particular breeds are also sensitive to lack of attention and may sulk when you forget to greet them or pay them any notice. Always set aside time to bond with your pet. If you don’t have that much time to play with him, take him out for a walk for some needed exercise. Let me him chase after butterflies and other insects so he can exhaust some of his excess energy.

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Pets don’t come cheap. You may have gotten your puppy for free when a neighbor gifted you with one but visits to the vet and other basic doggie needs mean that you’ll have to shell out money. Additional expenses include training sessions if you’re too busy to find time for housebreaking your pet. Should your puppy get sick or get involved in an accident, medical bills are sure to burn a hole in your wallet. However, if you feel that you are financially capable of shouldering these possible expenses, then go ahead and adopt a puppy.


Are you a neat freak who can be a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleanliness? If you get a new puppy it’s going to turn your orderly life upside down. Puppies are rambunctious little fellows akin to little furry bundles of boundless energy. They will chew on anything they can sink their teeth into and spread havoc in your kitchen or living room. Don’t get me started on shoes. It’s best to keep him out of your closet. Housebreaking your puppy will be challenging. There will stained rugs and carpets before he gets the hang out of peeing in the right places. Pet hair will also stick to your furniture and carpet so you need to invest in a special type of vacuum that will pick up even the toughest of pet hairs.


What you do for a living can influence your decision to get a pet. If travel is a major part of your job and work takes you away from home most of the time, then you won’t have enough time to bond with your new puppy. You will often have to leave it with neighbors or your family most times. It will make you seem like an absentee parent who will miss out on your child’s–in this case pet’s–milestones. What’s the point of having a pet when you’re not around long enough to enjoy its company? If work keeps you very busy with little or no free time, maybe you should set aside the idea of having a pet first and wait until you can fully commit to being a pet owner.

Taking care of a puppy is not as easy as you think. Being responsible for one takes time, money, effort and a huge amount of TLC. If you’re not ready to shell out on these, then you have to think twice and thrice about having your own pet. Go over the factors above to help you decide if you are ready to welcome a furry new member into your family.

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