Shape Of An Angel Service Will Print A 3D Model Of Your Unborn Baby [VIDEO]

3D Model Of Unborn Baby

Isn’t my fetus just the neatest?

Aw, you’re pregnant! A beautiful glow radiates from your skin, and you are having a ball shopping, planning and brainstorming about baby with friends. Yep, you are playing up your pregnancy like it’s the bloody biological marvel of the century. Soon, you feel the need to involve people with the growing baby personally, so you force them to view ultrasound pictures that look like part of a psych test, and force their hands onto your stomach to go for a round with Kung Fu Fetus.

But, why just creep out family and friends by making them ‘feel’ the baby kick, or by viewing ghostly ultrasound images (that at first glance could be darn near anything)? Folks, we found an amazing way to immediately cause everyone, from Baby Billy to ancient Nana, severe cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There is a Japanese engineering firm, Fasotec, that takes an MRI scan of an expecting mother’s fetus, then, using its BioTexture modeling software to capture 3-D data related to human tissues, converts the scan into a CAD file (drafting program).

Once the dimensions are plotted into a 3-D blueprint, they use a 3-D printer to create a three dimensional model of the fetus cast in resin. It is called the “Shape of Angel” service, and runs about $1,250. Order yours today, it’s guaranteed to haunt your family’s dreams forever.

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